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moonprism_icon's Journal

Moonprism Icons
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  • sora oki

You've reached Moonprism icons, the place where all your icon dreams come true! Name's Sakura and I'll be your dazzling guide. I'm pretty new to all this, so bare with me. At the moment I'm only making icons and bases (and the occasional FO banner and header) but maybe some day I'll get around to doing bigger and better things :D


Okay, I do take requests, but for the moment all requests are CLOSED. If I'm a really good friend, I might make an exception, but don't hold your breath. I'll post a big post reminder when requests are open again, so keep your eyes peeled.



From time to time I may post bases. If this is the case, feel free to do whatever you like with them. This means you can add textures, text, brushes, borders, etc as you wish. There's no need to credit to bases, but where stated, ICONS must be credited at all times.


Wanna get in touch for any reason? Use the following contact info.

AIM: sora oki
Email: renobsession@yahoo.co.uk
LJ: axelified


i. This journal is PUBLIC. I'll probably only make a Friends Only post if really needed, but rarely. If you wanna add me though and keep up with my icon posts, go right ahead and I'll add you back right away.

ii. COMMENT IF TAKING. This tells me that I know you like what I'm posting, and gives me more of a reason to post more icons, or lets me know what kind of things people like to see.

iii. CREDIT. If you're taking ANY icons, please make sure to credit moonprism_icon in the keywords. If you don't know how to do this, visit here to get a detailed explanation.

iv. I'll be open to requests, but please make sure you check if I'm taking them at that certain point of time. I'll always keep everyone updated in the userinfo, so if you're unsure, always look it up and see for yourself. If you are requesting, be specific and tell me exactly what it is you're interested in having. I don't mind having a slight tweak around and playing with it to get it to your liking, but if I don't know what series or tv show, or whatever you want it from, I won't really have much to go by will I?

v. DO NOT HOTLINK. Save them to your own computer, or your own server.



Want to affiliate with me? Just let me know with a comment or an email and I'd be happy to add you as soon as I can.